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Time For Your First Bra

Getting a first bra is a huge milestone in a girl’s life. It can be very exciting for some girls, but awkward and daunting for others. It’s important to know how to choose and when it is the right time to buy your daughter her first bra.

It is important that a girl is ready for her first bra both emotionally and physically. Some girls will find it easy to come to their mothers and ask to go bra shopping, whereas with others you might be the one starting the conversation. Be sensitive when approaching the topic and make your daughter feel as comfortable as possible. Another way to avoid awkwardness is to simply shop for it online.

Signs That It’s Time For A First Bra

The average age a girl starts wearing a bra is 11. However, as there are early and late bloomers, it can be anywhere between 8 and 15 years old that your daughter will ask to go bra shopping. They may also ask for their first bra early, maybe even before they start puberty simply because all of their friends or relatives are already wearing one.

Physically there are signs that indicate it is time for a first bra and they are fairly easy to notice. The first stage of breast development is called budding. The girl’s nipples become visible through clothing. This can make a young girl feel uncomfortable. If that is the case - it’s time to invest in her first everyday lingerie. If your daughter becomes self-conscious about her development being on display, here are some things to consider when shopping for her first bra.

Perfect First Bra

It’s important to keep in mind that it is the very beginning of the journey of wearing bras for the rest of their lives. As exciting as a first bra may seem, your daughter won’t be used to having straps on her shoulders all day long, so comfort is key for a first bra.

Beauty Vs Comfort

Bras are an accessory as much as they are a necessity, but plunge push-up bras or lace bras are not what you’d want to go for as a first bra. If breasts are barely showing or a girl simply wants to try a bra for the first time, there is no need to look for anything fancy. There will be plenty of time in her life to enjoy beautiful lace bras with intricate designs and there is no rush to look for one as the first bra. It is also highly unlikely that you would be able to find one in such a small size.

Training Bra or Sports Bra

A good first option is a training bra. With no padding they provide minimal coverage and the likely desired feeling of wearing a bra. Another non-padded option could be a sports bra, which would give your daughter great support while being active with her friends or at school.

Padded First Bra

However, if your daughter is a bit further along but not yet ready to fill an adult size bra, a padded comfortable wireless bra is the way to go. They provide the necessary support and coverage. If your daughter is a late bloomer, it may also feel like a more grown-up version that’s more suitable for her age. 

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