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Find Your Correct Bra Size

There are so many misconceptions when trying to determine a bra size. For starters, most people have been led to believe that C or D cups mean very full busts. That may not be the case.

The letter simply indicates the difference between the band size and the cup size. Therefore, someone who has a very slim back, let’s say an EU 65, could wear a cup size D and look relatively small. It is no wonder that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Understanding how to find the correct size for you is not just a matter of finding a bra that looks good. Wearing everyday lingerie that is either too big or too small for you could affect your posture and health. Finding a well fitting bra will improve the amount of the support you get and boost your confidence!

Start with the Band Measurement

It may be nice to boast about having Double D’s, but cup size is not where you should start. Instead, start with the band size. This is the area under your bust which you should measure by using a soft measuring tape. Wrap it around your torso in a parallel manner to make sure it is accurate. Make sure the tape feels tight around the area which you are measuring. If a bra band is too loose, the shoulder straps will end up supporting the majority of the weight, which is not their intended purpose. Once you’ve completed this step, write down your band size measurement. Getting this right is the first step to finding a bra that provides you with appropriate support. 

Measure Your Cup Size

The next measurement you should take is at the fullest part of your bust. For most accurate results, it is best to do it without a bra or if you prefer, wearing a non-padded style. Make sure the measuring tape is not too tight or too loose. It should feel firm but not add any pressure. Once again, write down the measurement so you can get closer to finding out what your correct bra size is. Now to calculate your size, you should subtract the band size from your cup size. If the difference from the closest underbust size to your chest is 10-12cm, you’re a size AA. Then 12-14cm is A and it goes up with every 2cm. This will help you find a full coverage bra that fits you perfectly! To help you pick a perfectly fitting bra, all our bra product pages have “Size Guide” which will make your bra selection easier.

Finding Your Perfect Bra Size

These are the preliminary steps you should take to find a perfect fit, which will look and feel right. It is important to remember that sizes vary depending on brands and bra shapes. Be prepared to try multiple sizes and models before you find the one that provides pure comfort. You should take your measurements approximately once every six months to check if there has been any change. It may sound like a bit of a hassle, but it will be worth it in the end! Better support, posture and overall look are guaranteed when you find your correct size bra.

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