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How to Choose Wireless Vs Underwire Bras

When choosing your everyday lingerie, wireless and underwire bras both come with their sets of benefits. What you are looking for in a bra will be the deciding factor.

Wireless and underwire bras have various different perks. They both support your breasts, give them a lift, and give them a nice shape. However, there are some important differences to keep in mind..

Underwire Bra and Its Perks

There are certain myths that should be debunked right away. No, underwire bras do not cause breast cancer. There is no scientific research to prove that to be the case. Underwire bras are a perfect choice for women with larger busts as they provide better support. The metal wire serves as a lift for your breasts and therefore improves your posture. Having a wire under your breasts means your shoulders don’t have to carry all the weight. These bras create a rounder shape and give an overall aesthetic look and a boost to your chest. They are an ideal choice when wearing tight-fitting clothes, as underwire bras create a perfect shape, keeping your breasts separate and lifted. 

It is very important to find your correct bra size when choosing an underwire bra. Wearing an underwire bra that is too small or the wrong shape can cause discomfort.

Wireless Bra and Its Perks

While a boost is always nice, sometimes you may simply want some additional comfort. Wireless bras do just that. Without the wire underneath, it fits great to your chest without adding any pressure to it. Comfortable wireless bras are the perfect everyday lingerie pieces that can be worn while lounging, running errands or even sleeping. They are also a perfect option for mothers when nursing! As long as the band is tight under your bust, you don’t need to worry about having the necessary support. 

Wireless bras are most commonly used as sports bras. Although there are some wired options for those, they can be very hard to find and are usually designed for women with fuller busts. The fact that most sports bras are wire-free just further proves that not having a wire is all about comfort. It has also recently become very trendy to wear wireless lace bras with beautiful details in the back. In addition, with modern technology it is now possible to achieve a push up effect and a round cup shape even with a wireless bra! Check out Lauma Lingerie’s INVISIBLE line bras.

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