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Women’s longing for feeling attractive is fundamental and eternal, and thus advantageous for a lasting business. However, this fact is now realized and exploited increasingly; competition is growing, and it becomes ever harder to maintain individual features on the global market. A modern lingerie producer should be refined, unique, and able to deal with a large scale. A business, which is based on beauty and understanding of women’s desires, is dynamic, sophisticated and responsible. We love it!

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9 of October, in Jurmala, Baltic Beach Hotel to the whole salers and retailers from around the world was presented the new collection of Lauma Lingeri

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Nata Baltijskaya
Самое удобное белье на свете! Красивое, и часто обновляется коллекция.
Aija Peslaka
Augstas kvalitātes veļa vienmēr !
Silvija Birģele
Kolosāla veļa!
Eva Vitone
vienmēs esmu bijusi priecīga un apmierināta par LAUMAS apakšveļu!
Aisueni Anem Florence
Excellent quality and style. They have nice fabrics and combination power producing a nice finish
Olga Bērziņa
Ļoti kvalitatīva un skaista apakšveļa.
Artūrs Enkurs
Kvalitatīvs ražojums. Un labi novelkams
Sandra Buko
Love it... Every moment I wear Lauma