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When is The Right Time to Say Goodbye to Your Old Bra?

It’s not an easy task to find a comfortable, well-fitting bra that suits you and once you’ve found one - it can be hard to say goodbye to. Even if the bra’s best days are long in the past.

However, sometimes when you exchange your warm, cosy winter clothes for light summer wear, you may forget about a very special and important part of your wardrobe – lingerie.

Daily vs a Special Occasion Bra

We can divide bras into two categories – ones we wear every day and ones that are meant for special occasions or serve more purposes (strapless, stick on or see-through-back bras). A daily bra is one worn regularly, two or three times a week all through the day. They’re made of modern materials that have elastane in them, are sustainable and last a long time. However, nothing lasts forever. A lifespan of an everyday t-shirt bra is from six months up to a year.

Signs Indicating That It’s Time for a New Bra

The first and the most obvious indicator that you should look into buying new everyday lingerie is when the materials have lost their elasticity. When you’re constantly having to pull the straps back over your shoulders, it’s a clear sign that they’ve lost their original elasticity.

Another sign of a bra losing its elasticity is when the tightest hook no longer feels tight. The waist part no longer supports the weight of the chest, the back part starts sliding upwards and it simply doesn’t give you the necessary lift and support. If any of these are true - it’s time to say goodbye to such a bra. 

The Bra Cups Have Lost Their Shape

Multiple washes inevitably affect the shape of a bra cup, even if it is washed according to all the rules of lingerie care. If the cups no longer fit perfectly and fail to give the desired shape, it no longer belongs in your wardrobe.

The Bra is Too Small or Too Big

Our bodies have a tendency to change over time. Age, physical activity, diet, pregnancy and hormones are just some of the things that affect the shape of our body. It is important to notice these body changes and adapt your bra choices accordingly; take into account the style and size that works best for your shape and lifestyle.

Sales assistants at Lauma Lingerie stores will always happily advise you on the best fit in terms of size and shape of your breasts as well as style and materials.

The Bra Simply Looks Old

Our everyday lingerie pieces have the power to either add confidence or take it away from us. We are not doing ourselves any favours by wearing lingerie that has served its time, looks old, has lost its color and form. However, it is a perfect reason to look through the vast selection of Lauma Lingerie and to treat yourself to something new and beautiful!

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