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Seamless Bra VS Bra With Seams

A seamless bra has moulded cups, no seams and creates a very smooth finish under thin, tight clothes. Although bras with seams have more visible lines, they have other advantages such as being a better fit for women of bigger bust sizes.

When choosing the right everyday lingerie, it is important to take into account what you are looking for and what your needs are. Both a seamless bra and one with seams may come in handy on different occasions and it’s good to know when to opt for which one.

Different Types of Seamless Bras

Not only does a moulded cup create a perfect smooth finish, it is also the preferred choice by women who have sensitive skin. Having no seams means less irritation to the skin and therefore a more pleasant overall experience. When looking for a t-shirt bra, a seamless bra is the ideal solution. By choosing moulded cups, you will avoid any lines showing through your top.

Padded Seamless Bra

Having a seamless bra doesn’t necessarily mean less support. At Lauma Lingerie our selection of everyday lingerie includes padded seamless bras to create the ultimate combination of shape, comfort and support.

Push Up Seamless Bra

Sometimes all we need is a little boost. Push up bras can help create your ideal cleavage and having no seams means no harsh lines showing through your clothes.

Wireless T-shirt Bra

Thanks to the newest technology, seamless bras can now create your desired shape and give you support without wires. A wireless t-shirt bra is the ultimate comfort booster.

Seamed Bra: When and Why You Should Wear One

As great as seamless bras may be, they’re not for everyone or at least not for every occasion. This is particularly true for women with bigger busts. The reason why seamed bras exist in the first place is because they are able to create deeper cup sizes and shapes needed for curvier women. Seams also mean the material has more strength so it doesn’t get stretched as quickly. They can also be a combination of firm material for the bottom of the cup and more elastic material at the top. This creates a perfect shape for women who are not as full at the top of their breasts. Here are a few examples of seamed bras.

Diagonal Seams

This is arguably the most popular type as diagonal seams create a more rounded look while also making the bust appear more uplifted.

Horizontal seams 

Horizontal seams can have several different variations. One of the most popular is with a split lower cup. These are known to provide great support to your breasts.

Wireless Seamed Bra

If you hate wires but still want the ultimate shape, this one's for you. With no underwire, wireless seamed bras are a great option when looking for a combination of pure comfort and a nice shape.

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Overall, seamed bras  are recommended for women with fuller busts but it’s not the only available option. Seamless bras are ideal when wearing thin clothes or t-shirts to avoid harsh lines, while going for the seamed options gives you additional choice of lace bras and other more supportive models. Or start your exploration with some of these...

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