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How to Buy Lingerie As a Gift

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas are all perfect occasions to treat your lady to a new lingerie set. We know that it can be intimidating for a man to step into a lingerie shop, but we are here to help and give you all the advice you need when finding the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend!

There are a number of things you should keep in mind when looking to buy lingerie as a gift, but the number one is that it is a gift for her. As much as you may enjoy seeing your woman wearing sexy lingerie, the priority should always be making sure she feels comfortable and enjoys wearing the lingerie that you pick. Here are a few tips to help you when looking to buy the ultimate gift your partner will love.

Know the Size

This may seem like the obvious one, but it can often get tricky. Women’s sizes change from time to time and your lady may have lingerie sets in various sizes. Find a moment when she isn’t home or isn’t looking and inspect her collection of lingerie. By locating the bras and panties that you have seen her wear most recently, you have the best chance of finding her current size. Take note of the measurements or even take a picture of the label. Don’t be surprised if a few recent sets she has worn are all different sizes. Sizings may vary depending on style and brand.

What Your Woman Likes

While you may initially gravitate towards sexy red lace bras, your lady might be more conservative and feel uncomfortable in something so bright. Consider what you have seen her wear, what she seemed most comfortable and most attractive in. However, if she mostly wears nude t-shirt bras, that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t like something a little more sophisticated. Women tend not to invest as much money into occasional beautiful lingerie when they’d rather invest in a daily bra. This is your chance to treat her to something she’ll really like that she wouldn’t normally buy for herself.

Different Options

A matching sexy lingerie set could be your go to choice, but there are more options for you to choose from. The main thing you focus on should always be quality and what your lady would like. Perhaps she would feel more special when receiving a body or a lace dressing gown rather than another matching lingerie set that she already has plenty of. You can also choose to buy a few high quality, beautiful bras. If your woman has voiced what she would like or could really use when it comes to lingerie, now is the time to remember it.

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There is no need to be intimidated by buying lingerie as a gift for your significant other. It’s a wonderful treat for your lady and at Lauma Lingerie we are here to help if you have any questions! Check out our latest collection for some gift ideas.  Or start your exploration with some of these...

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