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How to Wash and Store Lingerie

Quality lingerie can be quite an investment, so it’s really important you wash and store it without damaging it. We are here to tell you how to best look after your everyday lingerie to make sure it stays in the best shape and you get the most out of it!

Your bras should be washed after every 2-3 wears and shouldn’t be worn multiple days in a row. That means investing in a collection of bras, but it will be worth it in the end. By switching between bras every day and not wearing the same one for more than a few times before each wash, you are significantly increasing their life span. This includes your T-shirt bras, your lace bras and everything in between.

Hand Washing Bras

Hold on before you dismiss this as a tiresome and a time consuming option! It’s actually way more simple than it sounds. All you need to do is fill your sink with cold or lukewarm water, add some detergent and leave it for about an hour. Make sure the detergent has no bleach or alcohol, as it could damage the materials. While it is soaking, you can then use the hour to do whatever else needs to be done, or just sit back and relax enjoying your favourite TV show.

After an hour, gently rub it with your hands to get rid of any sweat or oils that have seeped into the materials. Rinse it with cold water to remove any remaining detergent and gently squeeze the water out. The best way to dry them is to lay them flat on a dry towel. This will prevent the straps from stretching and will keep the cups in good shape. If you choose to hang them, hang them over the clothesline or a hanger with one cup on either side.

Machine Washing Bras

Machine washing is not the ideal option, but if done correctly can save you time when you are in a hurry. To best protect your highly feminine lingerie, place it in a laundry bag. Hook your bras closed as open hooks can damage laces and other parts of the bra. Make sure not to wash it with heavy items such as towels. Set the temperature to 30 degrees and choose a hand wash or gentle cycle whenever possible.

Once they’re washed, use the same drying method as when hand washing. Dryers are an absolute no-go! It may take some time for your lingerie to dry but they’ll keep their shape much longer.

Storing Your Bras

The most common mistake women make when storing their bras is folding the cups into each other. This causes the cups to deform, creates lumps and reduces elasticity. Best way to store your lingerie is to lay it flat and stack them on top of one another. It will take more space but your bras will thank you later. 

To best utilize space while travelling, fill your bra cups with socks. This way they will not be wasting space,the socks will keep the cups in good shape and you will have your sexy lingerie in its best shape anywhere you go.

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