About Us

JSC LAUMA LINGERIE is a leading producer of fashion lingerie in the Baltics with over 40 years of professional experience.

LAUMA LINGERIE is a leading company for designing, production and sale of lingerie in the Baltics, taking a steady leading position in the fashion lingerie segment.

The history of LAUMA brand began in 1971 in Latvia; that was also the time when the corresponding brand name was chosen – after a fairy named Lauma. Already back then the brand became famous throughout the Soviet Union, making women’s hearts and bodies fall in love with their lingerie and becoming a leader among other producers, thanks to the superb quality and style. In 2005 in Liepāja the brand was renamed into LAUMA LINGERIE, carrying on the best traditions of Latvian design and production.

Since 2006 JSC LAUMA LINGERIE is part of the Silvano Fashion Group Holding. The company currently employs 255 people.

– The company has its own team of designers that designs over 200 fashion models per season.
– 1 or 2 new fashion collections are offered for sale weekly
– High-quality product design and fitting
– The use of high-quality materials that meet the oeko-tex standard 100 regulatory requirements
– A wide size scale: from 65 to 120 and size range from AA to J.
– A wide range of products (about 550 different models per year)
– The leading company in the fashion lingerie industry in the Baltic States
– Best credibility in the Latvian textile industry
– LAUMA LINGERIE is one of the Top 25 Latvian export companies
– High brand awareness in the Baltic market

Nata Baltijskaya
Самое удобное белье на свете! Красивое, и часто обновляется коллекция.
Aija Peslaka
Augstas kvalitātes veļa vienmēr !
Silvija Birģele
Kolosāla veļa!
Eva Vitone
vienmēs esmu bijusi priecīga un apmierināta par LAUMAS apakšveļu!
Aisueni Anem Florence
Excellent quality and style. They have nice fabrics and combination power producing a nice finish
Olga Bērziņa
Ļoti kvalitatīva un skaista apakšveļa.
Artūrs Enkurs
Kvalitatīvs ražojums. Un labi novelkams
Sandra Buko
Love it... Every moment I wear Lauma